Dr. Gregg Larivee at Integrated Medical Center

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Dr. Gregg LariveeCEO and Founder
Dr. Gregg Larivee (Dr. G) has provided comprehensive care to some of the biggest named athletes of major league sports teams including the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, where he was on the staff as an official treating ART Doctor. In addition to treating athletes of the NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, NBA, ATP Men’s Tennis, WTA Women’s Tennis, NHL and UFC, he has helped improve the quality of life for patients with acute and chronic pain. Using state of the art technology, usually reserved for pro athletes, he has developed advanced protocols to help people of all ages.

With years of experience treating professional athletes and the general public, Dr. G has developed a treatment protocol that he has called Advanced Soft Tissue Systems (ASTS). It is a true system that involves assessment and treatment using ground breaking technology that addresses muscular dysfunction, scar tissue adhesions, mitochondrial deficiencies and faulty muscle memory patterns.